Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peek at my "junk"...

Okay, here we go... $.50 pastel blue birdcage (one of my favorite finds in the world- now filled with moss and birdies!), $1.00 child's pink striped lawn chair (I've tried to fit, NO way!), angel on the mantle $.50- the angel is actually paper mache! Ready for some more? :)


Vanessa said...

I love you "junk" lol! Adorable birdcage!!

LaurieStar said...

Did you really only pay fifty cents for that birdcage? I love it! I have a blue one too but it cost way more! :)

icandy... said...

Yes!!! Really, I promise... I couldn't believe it when I asked the ladies at the thrift shop! You know I screamed "SOLD!" :)

By the way, it also had a $22.00 price tag left on it-- probably from someone's booth!
Thank you!


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