Saturday, June 19, 2010

just peeking in to say hello! ;)

etc 117

have a wonderful, love filled weekend and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!  Love you Cory and Papa,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

please stop by and take a peek…

it’s amazing, the friends we meet. my heartfelt thanks and love go straight to deb @ sparkling scrapbooks

i promise you this, i’ll cherish them…and you….forever.


Can you tell that I’m getting back to my *old* self again? LOL

because i have nothing better to do right now 010

Because I had nothing better to do at the time…

because i have nothing better to do right now 009

because i have nothing better to do right now 012

because i have nothing better to do right now 014

because i have nothing better to do right now 020 because i have nothing better to do right now 013

I couldn’t forget Nacho~ it seemed so natural!!  In fact, she was totally fine with the new look!   ;)

While waiting for a friend to stop by last week, I farted around the house and found the perfect candidates for my stache… here are some of the lucky models.  HA! 

I know, I’m a real DORK!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

w’ hello there… are you back for good? or just a tease…you’ve done it again!!!

i see that you are desperately trying to weasel your way back into my life. 

my, how your return is overwhelming me with sudden feelings of joy and comfort.  it better be for real this time.

thank you for finally stepping back into my life, motivation!  now, let’s keep it that way!!!

or else!!!



claud dress 015


claud dress 010


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

change is good! :)

quote 002


i believe that it is time to retire the "artist" in me.  thank you sooooo much to all who have supported me and cheered me on.  this is a feeling like i’ve never felt before, i seem to have lost my mojo… my desire to even step foot into my studio and create anything at all.  it’s been a while now and  i'm not quite sure if it will ever come back.. .  who knows what the future holds.  :)  thanks again to all of my wonderful friends out there!!  no worries, i’ll still keep you up to date on my  life in general! 

hugs to you all!



Sunday, June 6, 2010

we’re heading to the zoo today!!!


the gang’s all here and it’s a gorgeous day, so we’ll be taking off in a bit for a fun filled day at the KC zoo!

by the way, did you know, that i just cannot resist a fake moustache?  HAHAHA!!!  i took my daughter and her friend to lunch yesterday and there it was… the gumball machine with the hairiest treats!  we had soooooo much fun and laughed sooooo hard posing.  mine kept falling off!

pierre 001 pierre 003

anyway, i couldn’t resist!!!

hugs~ have a great sunday!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

happy things…

colors, dilly's 004

random amelia 059

i would SO love to squeeze each and every one of these! ;)

birthday celebration was a blast… steak and shrimp buffet and we were  lucky enough to play all night long!  i hope you had a wonderful birthday, honey!  love you!!  XOXOXO



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello and thank you to all of my dear friends.

Sending you all an enormous hug and many thanks for all of your kind and comforting words.  I’m feeling better… you all sent such sweet thoughts of encouragement and I thank you so much.  Friends and animal lovers can relate so well. 

Love and hugs to you all AND…. on a lighter note….


My ***little boy*** will be 21 years old tomorrow!!!!  May God bless him and provide him with many, many, many more wonderful birthday’s filled with love, happiness, strength, health and wisdom.  

My how you’ve grown to be such a handsome man.  I love you, sweet Brendan always and forever!  You have made us very proud and am so excited to see what your future holds.  God is good and you are always in my prayers. 

YAY FOR YOU, my dear!  We’ll be partying like it’s 1999!!  HA!  It’s off to the casino we go!  :)  Beginner’s luck?  *teehee*  I’ll have to keep you all posted on our celebration!! 

pizza man

Here he is… the birthday boy!!!! This is an old picture~ but i just L.O.V.E.  this one…and…wonderful day, HERE WE COME!!!  June 3rd… it’s always been a lucky day for me!  ;)  I was blessed with my beautiful son!  :))))))

It’s almost MIDNIGHT!  ;)


God bless you always, my baby Brendan, I love you!




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