Sunday, June 6, 2010

we’re heading to the zoo today!!!


the gang’s all here and it’s a gorgeous day, so we’ll be taking off in a bit for a fun filled day at the KC zoo!

by the way, did you know, that i just cannot resist a fake moustache?  HAHAHA!!!  i took my daughter and her friend to lunch yesterday and there it was… the gumball machine with the hairiest treats!  we had soooooo much fun and laughed sooooo hard posing.  mine kept falling off!

pierre 001 pierre 003

anyway, i couldn’t resist!!!

hugs~ have a great sunday!!



Greg said...

Hope you have a great time at the zoo. As for the stache, you're a nut! But thats why I like you...

The French Bear said...

What fun, I just love the sense of humour you have.....that's great!!!! I must remember to send you the goofy glasses I love to buy friends....they make your eyes look all puffy and sad!!!
Have fun at the zoo!
Margaret B

Holly said...

LOL! You look pretty adorable with your 'stache. Hope you had a great time at the zoo!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

You're hilarious. Hope you had a great day at the zoo! xoxo Donna

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Only you!
Mustaches in a gumball machine, are you kidding!?!?!? Why do I never see these things!

You look pretty hot, mustache and all!!!! I love it!!!!! That's it, I need to drive out there!! I'll bring the

Romeo said...

Wahoo!! What fun!!! You look very handsome....I mean you look beautiful....oh heck, how about "you look cute". does that work?!?! MOL


Romeo and "her"

Lorraine said...

LOL, you're so gorgeous, you nut you lol

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

We love the zoo! I'm stopping by to let you know that we have moved to Please follow me there!
Thanks so much!

Lisa said...

Hope it was great!! have a super lovely week!!

Hugs, Lisa

Draffin Bears said...

Oh how wonderful Christina, love the moustache... you look great.
I hope that you had a fun time at the zoo.

Happy week


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