Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good morning!

see the beauty 009

Busy, busy morning working on a few custom journals!!  I’ll be donating ten to a local organization for the holiday and I’m in the midst of creating a sweet, customized keepsake for a very special young lady!  I just can’t wait to complete them and share the results with you all!  Check back to see photos in the next week, it’s crunch time!


Monday, December 6, 2010



wips 013

Oh geez, time as gotten away from me~ AGAIN!  I’ve been keeping busy working on handmade gifts and getting some CHISTmas shopping done here and there.  (this coming from the woman that is normally racing around like a mad~person on Christmas eve…)  It is sooo hard to believe that it’s right around the corner, it’ll be here before we know it.  Why do I feel like there are not enough hours in the day? 

Hmm… today’s to do list.   I’m waiting on paintings to dry, catching up on a bit of housework , trying to get a few custom journal orders ready, then off to the groomer and work in a bit.  (Diesel needs a makeover!  hehe! )

Things here are going great and I wish you all a wonderful day, my friends!  I’ll be back soon!

Hugs, CJ

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good day!

awesome!!!!~!! 002

The haunted season is upon us…  a special shout out to Day Hasson ~ the creator of  my haunted houses, what an awesome and unique addition to my holiday decor!  (I still need to frame the transformation of OUR home).  ;)   Day provides custom work at such a reasonable price and takes such good care of her customers.  If you are on facebook, you can find her @

She’s gearing up for the holiday season, so place your orders quick!   Just imagine a customized Christmas scene…  they make such wonderful gifts!

They are just fabulous!  Love ya’ girl!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank you all so much for your input.

silly spook 010

silly spook 007

I think that it’s safe to say that I overreacted… that episode just rubbed me the wrong way.  You are all so sweet, knowledgeable and gave me some very sound advice.  I really appreciate you taking the time to comment! 



Friday, September 3, 2010

Should I be angry or flattered?

Because, I am extremely angry.  While dropping off more of my   Halloween creations downtown today, a group of women come in to browse the store.  Long story short, one of them started snapping photos of my artwork.  Turning, staging and zooming in, she snapped a good size handful of pictures.  I was lucky enough to be there and actually witness it while it was happening!!!!  (NOT~ that was an exaggeration!) I was not aware of what was going on, until I see the flash going off and this woman was backed into a corner around my inventory. 

Okay.  Biting my tongue, I said nothing to her simply out of respect for the lovely shop owners and because I am a representing artist there, but my blood was boiling.  I’m sure that you can imagine what I wanted to do and say...  to be quite frank, i am pissed.  Yes, I need to calm myself down and remember that old saying.  Something about the greatest form of flattery is……………………COPYING??????!!!!!!!!!

Who knows what she is  planning on doing with the photos of my work… I can only speculate and assume.  hmmmm. 

Ugh.  Thanks for listening guys, I just really had to vent.  What is your opinion about things like this?  I know that it must happen all of the time, to all of the great artists out there… I just hate that I had to SEE it first hand happening to MY artwork.

On a lighter and absolutely wonderful note, I had just stepped foot into the store when Melissa & Karen told me that someone very sweet had just left after purchasing a few of my things.  I apparently, just missed her.  :(  They also let me know that *you* had told them how much you loved my work.  To the sweetheart that just made my day, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s people like you that inspire and make all of us so happy to do what we love to do.  I only wish that I knew your name, I would love to meet you!  Melissa did say that you took home my card and might check out my blog… PLEASE do and let me know exactly who you are if you decide to stop by for a visit sometime!  Big hugs and much appreciation to you, you really made my day!  :)



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Extra, extra… read all about it!

Spooky stuff going up for sale…

Taking these to Cottage of the Seasons next week!

all hallows 015

all hallows 031

all hallows 029

cute mummy 009

Madly making more… stay tuned!


Friday, August 27, 2010

$4.oo I say!

finds 001a shot of some of my goods… “ love sweet love”  this cutie picture says it all!

finds 004

metal clipboard advertisement calendar & fancy picks.

finds 009

oh, the cake decorating sweets, ribbon, mini eggs in perfect colors and doll heads.

finds 011

these are the most delicate mugs.  gorgeous hand blown glass, i was afraid to wash them.  eeek!

finds 008

lovin’ the necklace!

finds 005

up close of the calendar dates… fantastic!

finds 003

what can i say??? i have a secret love affair with ironstone… and the butter dish?  almost as huge as the platter!

finds 007

did you really think that i was going to leave this little heart chain behind???  L.O.V.E.

finds 020

silly popcorn bowl but big and can be put to very good use in my art room.  imagine how much i can stash away in that~ out of sight and cute to boot!  oh, and the bag inside??  SpIdEr WebBiNG for my spooky creations. 

YE~HAW!!!!!  it was a good day!


I just LOVE the finds that I find!!!

Ok, I am still scrubbing and cleaning so I will post photos in a bit of the treasures that I ran across today thrifting.  I spent…wait for it… FOUR DOLLARS today!!!!!  Did you hear me people? $4.00.  I cannot wait to show off some of my favorites...  can you tell that I’m jumping up and down?  Well, I am!  ;)  Stay tuned to see the loot!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Where have I been????

dups & vintage ephemera 059

The answer to this question is easy… facebook.  Yes, it seems that I’ve succumbed to the convenience of seeing what everyone is up to with the click of a button!   Must. get. back. to. my. icandy… I’ve missed it terribly.

Things here have been somewhat busy over the last few weeks.  School is back in session~ always a sad time for me.  I keep asking myself and wondering, where did our summer go??  I’m getting to be an old fart… time is passing  by too quickly! 

We  managed to have a yard sale last week and actually did pretty well selling a few knick-knacks and household items.  The fun started about 7 a.m. and we could only hold out until about 11 because of the HeAt!!  I’m hoping to have another one very soon, Lord knows that I have plenty to get rid of!  *hehe * ;)  Borderline hoarder?  Organized chaos!  Hopefully, I’ll have one before next week,  thinking maybe on Friday??? :)   Let’s hope that it cools down just a little.

I’ve been keeping busy at the library and have also been trying to fit a bit of creative time in here and there.  Speaking of creative… WOW!!!  The downtown shops are already decorating for Halloween and this is REALLY getting me in the mood for the holidays and the crisp, autumn air.  I’m so looking forward to “sweatshirt” weather because we’ve all had such a hot summer!!  :)  Yesterday, I started making spooky stuff…Eeeeek!   I’ll post photos soon. 

I am so honored and extremely excited about something that I don’t even know very much about yet!!!   :)  Not sure of  all of the details~~ I’ve been told that Atchison is hoping to host an Art Walk and I have been asked to participate if it all works out!!!!  Many thanks to Karen and Melissa for approaching me about this exciting event!!!  I will keep you all posted as soon as I know more information.   It’s not supposed to be until the end of next April, so I’ll have plenty of time to prepare.  HA!!!  This, coming from the world’s greatest procrastinator??!!  ;)  I’d better get my rump in gear, huh?  Just in case…

Thanks so much to all of my bloggy friends for putting up with me, I have been such a lazy blogger lately.  I sure do hope that everyone is doing well… and keeping COOL!  ;)  Let me know how you are!

Hugs for now,

Christina ox

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

color, color!

sweet skull 003

hope everyone is having a good week!



Friday, July 16, 2010

Ta~Da! Our next class will be…

You may need to look a bit closely at these photos.  Do you see the tiny colored roses and leaves that grace my sweet little tot?  We will be making these amazing flowers for our next First Monday class downtown at Cottage of the Seasons!   They can be used to embellish jewelry, how cute would a bouquet of these be as a brooch??  They can be added to photo frames for a romantic touch, what the heck, they can be used to embellish whatever you’re heart desires!!  The possibilities are endless.  I tend to find sweet orphan figurines that have a flaw… too cute to pass up.  This is one example.  The baby was in perfect shape, with the exception of a couple of broken ceramic parts.  Guess what was glued onto the damaged areas?  Handmade roses!  (among other things…;) ).

You must join us as we explore the miniature world of  flower making.  I have to also mention that these wee blooms were made by yours truly a good 15 years or so ago.  Made from a secret recipe of handmade clay, they have withstood the test of time and were never even sealed or coated for protection.   No worries, I’ll be sharing that recipe with you!  :)  Now, please don’t go leaving them outside in the rain and such just to prove a point! ;)  They are so much fun and really do resemble  fine china when finished!  Make as many as time allows, experiment and surprise me with colors, variations and uniqueness!  Remember, whatever it is that I show to you how to do, I would never expect (or want) you to copy the design completely.  I  hope that you  take the main idea or skill and create something entirely different!  That’s the fun of ART and creating!

more cups 011

more cups 017

more cups 018

I’ll post a reminder as the time approaches… hope to see you there for an evening of fun and friendship!!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy, busy!!

dups & vintage ephemera 053

How’s everyone doing?  Keeping up with the hustle and bustle, I presume? 

Hope that you are all enjoying your Summer, I just cannot believe how fast it is flying by!!!

Have a great week and if you need me, I’ll be getting my crafty on.  ;)



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i received the most wonderful and unexpected gift in the mail today!

donna treats 012


donna treats 008

oh my gosh!!!  just look at the detail…

how do i  *** l.o.v.e.*** my sweet, sweet handmade strawberry?!?    SO VERY MUCH!!! 

i could just take a bite…

donna treats 004

thank you very much, donna for my beautiful treasures,  you have spoiled me rotten with all of my favorite things!!!  :)

i sure do love each and every one my gifts~ how did you know?  ;)

big hugs and thank you again!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty, pretty!

I am so in love with this photo that Colette altered for me! 

photo (21)

Isn’t her work gorgeous?!  Thank you soooo very much!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello all!

artsy 013

artsy 017

“ladybug, ladybug, come to a tea.  i’ll invite ivy and miss honeybee”!!!

after a much needed rest, i am back again, in full swing.

i have finally started painting again, these aren’t  finished,  just  thought i’d share the process. 

i hope that you all have a fantastic day~

time to get ready for work.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

just peeking in to say hello! ;)

etc 117

have a wonderful, love filled weekend and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!!!  Love you Cory and Papa,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

please stop by and take a peek…

it’s amazing, the friends we meet. my heartfelt thanks and love go straight to deb @ sparkling scrapbooks

i promise you this, i’ll cherish them…and you….forever.


Can you tell that I’m getting back to my *old* self again? LOL

because i have nothing better to do right now 010

Because I had nothing better to do at the time…

because i have nothing better to do right now 009

because i have nothing better to do right now 012

because i have nothing better to do right now 014

because i have nothing better to do right now 020 because i have nothing better to do right now 013

I couldn’t forget Nacho~ it seemed so natural!!  In fact, she was totally fine with the new look!   ;)

While waiting for a friend to stop by last week, I farted around the house and found the perfect candidates for my stache… here are some of the lucky models.  HA! 

I know, I’m a real DORK!!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

w’ hello there… are you back for good? or just a tease…you’ve done it again!!!

i see that you are desperately trying to weasel your way back into my life. 

my, how your return is overwhelming me with sudden feelings of joy and comfort.  it better be for real this time.

thank you for finally stepping back into my life, motivation!  now, let’s keep it that way!!!

or else!!!



claud dress 015


claud dress 010


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

change is good! :)

quote 002


i believe that it is time to retire the "artist" in me.  thank you sooooo much to all who have supported me and cheered me on.  this is a feeling like i’ve never felt before, i seem to have lost my mojo… my desire to even step foot into my studio and create anything at all.  it’s been a while now and  i'm not quite sure if it will ever come back.. .  who knows what the future holds.  :)  thanks again to all of my wonderful friends out there!!  no worries, i’ll still keep you up to date on my  life in general! 

hugs to you all!



Sunday, June 6, 2010

we’re heading to the zoo today!!!


the gang’s all here and it’s a gorgeous day, so we’ll be taking off in a bit for a fun filled day at the KC zoo!

by the way, did you know, that i just cannot resist a fake moustache?  HAHAHA!!!  i took my daughter and her friend to lunch yesterday and there it was… the gumball machine with the hairiest treats!  we had soooooo much fun and laughed sooooo hard posing.  mine kept falling off!

pierre 001 pierre 003

anyway, i couldn’t resist!!!

hugs~ have a great sunday!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

happy things…

colors, dilly's 004

random amelia 059

i would SO love to squeeze each and every one of these! ;)

birthday celebration was a blast… steak and shrimp buffet and we were  lucky enough to play all night long!  i hope you had a wonderful birthday, honey!  love you!!  XOXOXO



Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello and thank you to all of my dear friends.

Sending you all an enormous hug and many thanks for all of your kind and comforting words.  I’m feeling better… you all sent such sweet thoughts of encouragement and I thank you so much.  Friends and animal lovers can relate so well. 

Love and hugs to you all AND…. on a lighter note….


My ***little boy*** will be 21 years old tomorrow!!!!  May God bless him and provide him with many, many, many more wonderful birthday’s filled with love, happiness, strength, health and wisdom.  

My how you’ve grown to be such a handsome man.  I love you, sweet Brendan always and forever!  You have made us very proud and am so excited to see what your future holds.  God is good and you are always in my prayers. 

YAY FOR YOU, my dear!  We’ll be partying like it’s 1999!!  HA!  It’s off to the casino we go!  :)  Beginner’s luck?  *teehee*  I’ll have to keep you all posted on our celebration!! 

pizza man

Here he is… the birthday boy!!!! This is an old picture~ but i just L.O.V.E.  this one…and…wonderful day, HERE WE COME!!!  June 3rd… it’s always been a lucky day for me!  ;)  I was blessed with my beautiful son!  :))))))

It’s almost MIDNIGHT!  ;)


God bless you always, my baby Brendan, I love you!



Monday, May 31, 2010

I love you, my precious, Baron.

baron, my giveaway, kids 003 baron, class example, makes 013

We lost our “baby”  this morning, he was our family’s best friend for almost 15 years.  Our hearts are overwhelmed with sadness~  I can’t believe that he is gone.  He used to lick my tears, now I shed them for him.

There is a special place for you  in heaven and I pray that you are feeling comfort now. 

We had to say goodbye, I looked into his eyes until his last breath and wrapped him in my arms and kissed him. 

I love you so much, you took a piece of us with you when you left.  You are such a good boy, we will always love and cherish you.  Thank you for being by our side for so long, a constant protector and loyal companion. 

My good boy, precious and sweet Baron,  how I miss you. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My collaborative project finished.

collaboration complete 016 collaboration complete 011 collaboration complete 004

Kimberly and Colette, I have had a marvelous time with this.  I only hope that it is what was expected… will be sending you both my thoughts on paper via snail mail!!   :)




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