Friday, August 27, 2010

$4.oo I say!

finds 001a shot of some of my goods… “ love sweet love”  this cutie picture says it all!

finds 004

metal clipboard advertisement calendar & fancy picks.

finds 009

oh, the cake decorating sweets, ribbon, mini eggs in perfect colors and doll heads.

finds 011

these are the most delicate mugs.  gorgeous hand blown glass, i was afraid to wash them.  eeek!

finds 008

lovin’ the necklace!

finds 005

up close of the calendar dates… fantastic!

finds 003

what can i say??? i have a secret love affair with ironstone… and the butter dish?  almost as huge as the platter!

finds 007

did you really think that i was going to leave this little heart chain behind???  L.O.V.E.

finds 020

silly popcorn bowl but big and can be put to very good use in my art room.  imagine how much i can stash away in that~ out of sight and cute to boot!  oh, and the bag inside??  SpIdEr WebBiNG for my spooky creations. 

YE~HAW!!!!!  it was a good day!



BROOKE said...

Great finds but those clown heads freak me out a little. Spooky all on their own. Maybe you could stab them into a copy of Stephen King's book.


Fun treasures! "Funly" photographed too! ~ Angela

Lorraine said...

You know as soon as you start posting my art heart starts pounding again....and Ijust saw your facebook message, how neat

trash talk said...

Such happy finds...makes me smile out loud!
Do you have any idea how hard it is to find butter dishes these days?


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