Thursday, June 18, 2009

More "junk" around the house!

My china cabinet... filled with treasured finds from all over, the vintage lace vest hanging on the door, $.50- I've had this for years, my milkglass bowl/cakestand was $1.50 and the beaded iris flower resting at it's base was $.10! My antique chalkboard was $1.00 then I added the word "love" hung from vintage Christmas candle holder clip-ons! I made the paper party hat in front of the chalkboard and also, the framed flowers... I found this cute little frame and just glued artifical roses inside. I couldn't resist including my waterglobe collection! I really don't think I've paid more than one dollar for any of these! I can usually pick them up for a dime a dozen! :) Shall I post some more?


SweetAnnee said...

One woman's junk is another woman's have lots of


Pink & Green Mama said...

I would never call your treasures "junk" they're lovely!!

Lorraine said...

The frame with the roses is to die for, and the second, the second, oh my gosh you've hit on one of my favourite things of all time: Snowglobes, I will take plastic, but I really Love when it's glass....


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