Tuesday, February 15, 2011

going through some old photos for inspiration today…

morgan journal, kitty 021

this is a personalized journal that was done for a customer around Christmas time.

ahem.. *cough, cough*… still need to make one for a friend’s daughter… I promise, I will get rolling on that one, girl!  Winking smile



Darlene said...

Super sweet Sunshine!! Love your beautiful script, colors, and whimsy...:) XO!!

Lorraine said...

I have one of those, I live it so, your creativity, and well it is so perfect for me it's got all kinds of pockets and little hiding things, and I know how precious it is...you can do no wrong, don't worry your art will flow formyour fingers no matter how uncreative you feel, get a pencil start drawing anything,at the end look at it closely and see what you have to create...You are a sunshine, never forget that

Ann said...

The journal is so VERY sweet. I love making journals and any kind of paper craft!! I saw your post on RedNeck Chic and saw you were from Atchison. I'm a Kansas girl too and am always looking for kansas bloggers. Come over to my little corner of OZ and visit.

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