Thursday, February 10, 2011

completely frustrated over here.

art pic 045


  i’ve been working on the appearance of my blog.  for some reason, i CANNOT get a header photo to show up.  i’ve been trying to tweak  it for two days now and my patience has expired.  i still have hair left, so it’s time to stop.  

maybe i’ll come back to it, maybe I won’t.



crafts@home said...

Oh, please come back.... just have a break 1st...

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Christina,

Don't ever leave me!

Second Hand Chicks

Lorraine said...

Sweetie, to hell with the header in between the immense beauty f the sides and all your art,believe the top header wouldn't ever be notice...if you can please come back miss you so

Diane said...

LMAO, I'm having the same problem with my etsy header! I gave up as well. I'll try again later.

deb famularo said...

I hear ya, I will NEVER touch my background again cuz it's too complicated for me, lol!
I miss you!!!!!!! I am NEVER on FB so either text, call or hit me up on my blog!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie....gorgeous new look for you and your, funky, colorful. But then, I am a little biased. Love, Mom


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