Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've been busy! That's a good thing!

I've been trying to stock the shelves at Cottage of the Seasons, but not fast enough! Poor Melissa and Karen are waiting VERY patiently for me provide some new Christmas inventory. Tonight was the Holiday Open House ( I should have already had a truckload of new goodies in the shop for this...) and we stopped by for a bit to visit...everything looked just beautiful! Trees, tasty treats and talk.... mmmm. Nice. The shop looked so festive and it was a real joy to see everyone! Thank you! And to Joey, thanks so much for my "faces" :)
I've been making paper flowers like a madwoman and have been trying to use them in some of my art. They look very sweet randomly stuck here and there. Sometimes, that's all a piece needs in that special spot! Yet another craze that I can chalk up as an addiction! HA!
I cannot get Christmas out of my head.... this is crazy. I am ready to decorate my house RIGHT NOW! Last Sunday, I took down all of the Halloween and wanted to leave the look of Fall around the porch...well, that didn't last long. I'm getting ready to create a winter wonderland around here! Hopefully, by this weekend it should look very different, fo~sho! I'm even going to try and get all of our trees up inside. Colette??? Where are you??? I NEED you!!! LOL Hugs!
I'll keep you posted!


Lorraine said...

YOU are a genius of ART..I love your paper art, it's stunning and delicious, and I love it so much, I'm totally inspired to copy, in fact I have all these little golden and gold stars and sea creatures and things I photograph but I never thought of using and words i love words, I eat words, this is sensational. Can you tell how impressed I am. I love you for that, and the fact that you're a sweety.

No worries about Christmas decorating, so far I have a little tree up, decorations on two walls, my collection of santas on two ot my bookshelves, and started putting objects (white tree, blue decoration and blue santa) in the washroom no less to match the colour theme this year downstairs in the living room is cream and's yummy and delicious, oh and I've started on the happy christmas smell...awesome ;) lol wow you got me going lol xxx probably missed a few words and have typos in there...

Jane said...

I love the paper flowers you've been creating. I have never been to the Cottage of the Seasons but you can bet that I'm stopping by next time I'm in town. Have fun decorating!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Those flowers make me happy Christina! Blessings.

Sares said...

They look so pretty! I'm in the mood for Christmas and all the decorations to come early too this year. Have a great night!

Lisa said...

Ooooh Cute!!! I just love these!
Hugs, Lisa

Coastal Sisters said...

Oh Christina...I love those paper flowers! Beautimous!


sassydesigns said...

Hi there!
How sweet indeed! Gorgeous work! I am ready for Christmas too! We have been listening to Christmas music for weeks now! Hope your Holidays are blest, hugs,


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