Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm arriving a bit early for the party...

Hope that you can see through the mess... some of the picture images may be re-runs, as I posted a bit of my home studio a few months ago. I have been working (believe it or not) on organizing and eliminating... yes, I do realize that my previous statement seems totally untrue after viewing these photos, but I really have done some editing up there! :) We are lucky enough to have an extra bedroom and I've completely taken it over~ it is often confused with my daughter's room!! We stripped the heavily layered wallpaper and my paint color choice was definitely on the feminine side, SO, I didn't have to beg or plead that much at all when it came to asking Cory if I could have this room all to myself. :) Trust me, I've really put this sunny space to good use! I'm soooo grateful~ I have my own playground! Okay, I have a few more... hang in there!


Lisa said...

I'm doing posts backwards today so I'm seeing your space backwards!! LOVE IT!!
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Shabby Chic Junk said...

I'm glad to have met you today and your room is filled with lots of memories from the past. I like your boxes of games. I noticed the white tier stand by the white desk, that looks like a great find. What do you use it for? Your space is far from messy, it's a nice place to create. Thanks for sharing.


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