Monday, April 28, 2008


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Cory...
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!

All of our love,
C, B+B!!!!!! xoxoxoxox

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hello everyone! I haven't done any posting in a while, In fact, I haven't done much of anything productive lately. Today, though, I worked all day long on a few new "creations" for the Riverbend. Memorial day weekend is really going to sneak up on me this year! On that note, I can't believe that the kids are almost out of school- what, three weeks or so? My gosh! Time has passed me by so quickly. I need to upload some more recent pictures for all to see. Most of my photos are from last year! (I just hate to admit that!) My camera's screen went out and finding the time to play photographer eludes me. Hmmm. I've joined a fantastic group of artists on creative souls and I really want to get some pics loaded, so I need to get moving, don't I? Until next time... tata for now! xo

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My two most precious possessions!

Brendan and Bethany! I love you both so much! This pic was taken last summer in Rocky Mtn. Nat'l park. What a setting! You guys are awesome! xoxoxoxox


After the Riverbend... get ready, it'll be right around the corner!

Again, Mom & I... whaddaya think? We are pretty silly together and have so much fun!

Oh, wow. Mom & I being way too silly.

Beth took this picture of the two "simps". Bunny ears on Easter!! :) Love you, Mom!

Only 2 days 'til the big 38!!

I'm having a good week. Almost Friday, and really looking forward to it. No special reason- it's only MY BIRTHDAY. I'm one of those cheeseballs that really gets excited each and every year. Hey, my philosophy is: I'm blessed to be able to celebrate another year! I'm still young enough that I don't mind telling my age, but old enough to realize how fast time really does fly by! Oh, but don't worry-I'll let you know how I'm feeling after the big day. (We'll see if I still feel "young" enough.) Changing the subject... we just returned home after being walked by the dogs-ha! and I'm truly exhausted- so are they. It's always a workout. Our 2 german shepards like to pull and run around alot... you know how that goes. They're strictly indoor dogs and they only go outside to take care of business. So, in turn, when on a leash they like to drag me and wrap around every single pole, tree and hydrant while I'm busy trying to distract them from all of the squirrels and strays. Fun, fun, fun! We all got some overdue exercise. It was time to head back home, though. Not only were we all dog tired- (no pun intended, we walked about a mile) but I ran out of Wal-mart bags. Catch my drift? I'll write again soon. Time for some R&R. Bye! :)


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