Monday, March 3, 2008

Take a peek!

Okay, you have to look really, really closely at this photo to see this backyard baby! (To the left of the brush pile, directly below the telephone pole.) Last Spring, just before we made the move to our new home, a tiny bunny would come out of the brush and have the time of his life racing and jumping around like lightning- and being very silly! It truly was one of the most adorable sights! We would all check up on "the baby" early in the mornings and later on, after dinner in the evenings. Inevitably, it would always come out and entertain us. Almost as though it knew that we were watching and waiting just to see if it was still safe from harm... and all the while, putting on quite a show. That bunny was so very sweet to see!
I'm still anxiously awaiting Springtime. Can you tell? :)

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