Friday, September 3, 2010

Should I be angry or flattered?

Because, I am extremely angry.  While dropping off more of my   Halloween creations downtown today, a group of women come in to browse the store.  Long story short, one of them started snapping photos of my artwork.  Turning, staging and zooming in, she snapped a good size handful of pictures.  I was lucky enough to be there and actually witness it while it was happening!!!!  (NOT~ that was an exaggeration!) I was not aware of what was going on, until I see the flash going off and this woman was backed into a corner around my inventory. 

Okay.  Biting my tongue, I said nothing to her simply out of respect for the lovely shop owners and because I am a representing artist there, but my blood was boiling.  I’m sure that you can imagine what I wanted to do and say...  to be quite frank, i am pissed.  Yes, I need to calm myself down and remember that old saying.  Something about the greatest form of flattery is……………………COPYING??????!!!!!!!!!

Who knows what she is  planning on doing with the photos of my work… I can only speculate and assume.  hmmmm. 

Ugh.  Thanks for listening guys, I just really had to vent.  What is your opinion about things like this?  I know that it must happen all of the time, to all of the great artists out there… I just hate that I had to SEE it first hand happening to MY artwork.

On a lighter and absolutely wonderful note, I had just stepped foot into the store when Melissa & Karen told me that someone very sweet had just left after purchasing a few of my things.  I apparently, just missed her.  :(  They also let me know that *you* had told them how much you loved my work.  To the sweetheart that just made my day, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It’s people like you that inspire and make all of us so happy to do what we love to do.  I only wish that I knew your name, I would love to meet you!  Melissa did say that you took home my card and might check out my blog… PLEASE do and let me know exactly who you are if you decide to stop by for a visit sometime!  Big hugs and much appreciation to you, you really made my day!  :)




Good Girls Studio said...

well, I for one do that all the time when I'm shopping because it is blog fodder. Not because I'm planning on going home & copying the design. You never know...just saying. But I'll go kick some butt for you if you want!

You should have walked up & introduced yourself & asked them if you could help them with anything :) Maybe chatted them up a bit about what copywrite is & perhaps they should express their own creativity instead of someone else's ;)


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Sweetheart~
That is really disheartening. I think I would have had to walk up to her and said "thank you so much for loving my work so much to photograph it...what magazine are you from? "...LOL, that probably would have made her very uncomfortable!! I know it's upsetting though. I would have felt the same way.

Love you sweetie,

Lisa said...

How great on the sales! You make great goodies! As for the pictures, I get you, but I will say I have had friends go to shows and the like and take pics and I actually later hunted down the artist and bought their work. WE can HOPE that may happen or they wanted to share the great store on their blog and others will go looking for your work ;) I hope so.
Sorry that happened. I see places on blogs all the time and I know the blogger means well but I am NEVER comfortable taking pics out, I feel it invades the sellers space.
Hugs, Lisa

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

I love what Lulu said!! That would have put them on the spot!!!

I have photographed things in a store but only to share on my blog and I ALWAYS ask the store owner first.

Not that this will deter some people, but perhaps you could ask the store owner to put a sign next to your artwork that says someting to the effect of please, do not take any photographs.

I remember my first year selling at a miniature show some ladies came up to my table and were looking at my dolls. They were talking back and forth about one particular doll and one was saying, yeah, I can make that for you, and they were picking up the doll and checking her out. The kicker is, one of the ladies was a "friend" of mine!!!!

It's good to vent!! We all need to!


trash talk said...

I don't blame you for being pi$$ed. How would she or her friends feel if you walked up and started taking photos of her babies without asking permission first. If I see something I love, I always ask first simply because it is the right thing to do. Occasionally, someone will say no and I respect this (especially when it's an art piece...I totally get it!), but usually the answer is yes. Personally, I think you should talk to the shop owners and see if a sign could be put up asking for no photographing without express permission. It won't stop copycatters...but it'll sure slow 'em down and make 'em think twice! If they just want to take photos just because they like something you have created, they won't mind asking one bit.

stefanie said...

that has happened to me in the shop I have my booth...its kinda frustrating I agree!!!

Kelly Ballard said...

Hi Christina,
I take lots of pictures when I'm out and about to use for my blog but I always ask permission first. People are usually happy to let you take them as it gives them exposure because I mention the shop name in my post.I wonder if they asked the shop owner before they started snapping.

Hopefully that is the case and then people will see the pictures of your work and come in to the shop and buy lots of your stuff!

I'm kind of a cock eyed optimist.

Second Hand Chicks

magikalseasons said...

This happens to my husband at art shows all the time. He doesn't like it but remember your original is yours and it's wonderful because you made it! A copy is a copy and I've seen a lot of that and you can tell. Also most of the time they just love something and want a picture to show friends. I like what LuLu said about the magazine. :)

Amanda said...

Interesting, it could be someone who love blogging, showing things off, or it could be a copier...I have had a few times with my bears, and recently this week. A bear maker makes a certain style of bear then suddenly they have a four piece head pattern (usually three), needlefelted noses, well need I go on? A friend even thought they were my bears. We all get influenced by others but there comes a point when it is just mean.

I hope you can let it go and concentrate on the lovely comments. Thats what I've had to do, although it winds you up at the time. Flattered though, never been. The bears are part of our familys income, no room for 'flattering copy cats'.

Take care.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I think I would just be flattered. I have a booth and an online store and i figure if someone copies my projects the chances that they are going to sell it and compete with me or take my sales are pretty slim. I guess once I put it out there, it is there for the world to see, it is not a secret any more. I would have asked what they wanted pictures for, just because the curiosity would have killed me!! I bet in hind sight I wished you had! Just keep doing your beautiful work and feel flattered! I would talk to the shop owner and see what she thinks.

have a great weekend! Carol

Sares said...

You never know, perhaps she IS a fellow blogger! I hope so for your sake. She may just be taking inspiration too. I can sometimes see something someone else has made and put my own spin on it to make it different. I can see she would go to the effort, your pieces are so fabulous, it's still ornery if she does really plan to copy.

Shelly said...

I agree with Lulu, Christina. I would have walked up and said something to the same effect.

I'd be flattered too that of all the lovelies in the world, they gravitated towards yours!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs and love,

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Christina,

How awful that this happened to you and really people should ask before they take photos. I love Lulus comment.
This happened to me at a bear show once, there was a lady coming around taking photos of my bears, real close ups so I do not know why.
I hope for your sake that they were giving you some exposure on their blog and not copying.

Happy weekend, dear friend

the gypsy said...

Maybe they were taking pictures of things they wanted to buy, or maybe not. If you see that again just walk up and introduce yourself - if they're up to no good they'll go away. Only you can make your items - a copy will be just that, a copy. You had a bad experience and a good experience - focus on the good because putting your artwork out for the public is always a mixture.

Lorraine said...

You are a marvelous artist so people will always want to take photos, next time they do, tell me that since you're an artist you don't mind at all people taking photos of your art, but insisst that they put your name with the photo...for one thing it might be free advertisement, and always make sure that where your art is there is also a huge board with your name: as ARTIST: Christina,etc

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Hi dear! Interior designers do this all the time. Then, they have a visual reference to a product without having to purchase. Then, if the client likes the look and presentation, the designers know what store to go to to purchase the art. I am glad you were not rude to them, for they may have been considering that. It is always best to step back and breathe. Focus on the positive. Next time, if you see this ask for their cards, and give them yours. It is a great connection (and helps you monitor, if they are copycats) Sorry about the worry. Hope it all sorts out. Blessings friend.

Lorraine said...

I MISS YOU ANGEL...just in case you're one the wonderful person I missed when someone hacked in my AOL and send messages all over the place, I then sent an e-mail to ignore, that it's not me, and then changed my e-mail to:

I miss you...and in Oct I'll be changing my e-mail again, and will let you know then...Imiss you come back

Bluebell Woods said...

maybe they just wanted to remember something about the work, a colour combination, they layout or something else. I have not done that but I have taken pictures of on line things, not to copy but to inspire me. I think you should be proud that you have inspired people to want to remember your work for whatever reason. Or maybe she was taking pictures of a variety of pieces so she could go home to decide what one to purchase? Could be a lot of reasons. Yes you should have introduced yourself and maybe she would have explained.


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