Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring is here, OH MY!!! Happy April 1st!!!

April Fool's!!!!! I tried to pull a couple of pranks today, and failed miserably. I guess that people really can read me like a book. Mostly, my family and co-workers laughed at me... they didn't believe me when I told them that we had overslept, are expecting 14 inches of snow, and had bugs in their hair!!! Why, why, why? Was I that transparent? My boss actually told me that I could leave early for the day- BOY, was I so excited, then everyone around me laughed and said "April fool's". Ha. Ha. Well, I got the last laugh. I clocked out, was able to leave after all, and have an extra hour of playtime this afternoon. Hmmmm, better luck next year on my behalf, eh? :)
I'm browsing through a few of my photos and I really want to post some updated ones soon, I have unfortunately, again, put my blogging on the back-burner and hope to get back on track in the near future. Thanks again! See you soon... Oh, and school's been cancelled for tomorrow... APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!

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Mary lin Huskamp said...

I always fail with those jokes too.

Happy Easter!



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