Tuesday, July 27, 2010

color, color!

sweet skull 003

hope everyone is having a good week!



Friday, July 16, 2010

Ta~Da! Our next class will be…

You may need to look a bit closely at these photos.  Do you see the tiny colored roses and leaves that grace my sweet little tot?  We will be making these amazing flowers for our next First Monday class downtown at Cottage of the Seasons!   They can be used to embellish jewelry, how cute would a bouquet of these be as a brooch??  They can be added to photo frames for a romantic touch, what the heck, they can be used to embellish whatever you’re heart desires!!  The possibilities are endless.  I tend to find sweet orphan figurines that have a flaw… too cute to pass up.  This is one example.  The baby was in perfect shape, with the exception of a couple of broken ceramic parts.  Guess what was glued onto the damaged areas?  Handmade roses!  (among other things…;) ).

You must join us as we explore the miniature world of  flower making.  I have to also mention that these wee blooms were made by yours truly a good 15 years or so ago.  Made from a secret recipe of handmade clay, they have withstood the test of time and were never even sealed or coated for protection.   No worries, I’ll be sharing that recipe with you!  :)  Now, please don’t go leaving them outside in the rain and such just to prove a point! ;)  They are so much fun and really do resemble  fine china when finished!  Make as many as time allows, experiment and surprise me with colors, variations and uniqueness!  Remember, whatever it is that I show to you how to do, I would never expect (or want) you to copy the design completely.  I  hope that you  take the main idea or skill and create something entirely different!  That’s the fun of ART and creating!

more cups 011

more cups 017

more cups 018

I’ll post a reminder as the time approaches… hope to see you there for an evening of fun and friendship!!



Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy, busy!!

dups & vintage ephemera 053

How’s everyone doing?  Keeping up with the hustle and bustle, I presume? 

Hope that you are all enjoying your Summer, I just cannot believe how fast it is flying by!!!

Have a great week and if you need me, I’ll be getting my crafty on.  ;)



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

i received the most wonderful and unexpected gift in the mail today!

donna treats 012


donna treats 008

oh my gosh!!!  just look at the detail…

how do i  *** l.o.v.e.*** my sweet, sweet handmade strawberry?!?    SO VERY MUCH!!! 

i could just take a bite…

donna treats 004

thank you very much, donna for my beautiful treasures,  you have spoiled me rotten with all of my favorite things!!!  :)

i sure do love each and every one my gifts~ how did you know?  ;)

big hugs and thank you again!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Pretty, pretty!

I am so in love with this photo that Colette altered for me! 

photo (21)

Isn’t her work gorgeous?!  Thank you soooo very much!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello all!

artsy 013

artsy 017

“ladybug, ladybug, come to a tea.  i’ll invite ivy and miss honeybee”!!!

after a much needed rest, i am back again, in full swing.

i have finally started painting again, these aren’t  finished,  just  thought i’d share the process. 

i hope that you all have a fantastic day~

time to get ready for work.



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