Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have a friend…

who’s having a birthday.  she is absolutely wonderful and makes each day better by just being...  thank you for all that you do for others!!!

beth, shammy donation, donuts 013

happy birthday, claudia!  ox


Saturday, July 16, 2011

it's the weekend!

hey dolls!!!  i hope that everyone is staying cool out there in this scorching heat.  i believe that the temp. here is in the 100's today (we've been experiencing quite a heat streak) and here's to hoping that it won't stop many from enjoying our amelia earhart weekend festivities!  i'll be out and about walking the mall later! :)
been under the weather and missing in action for the last couple of weeks... i'm on my second round of antibiotics so a speedy turnaround is expected!  *fingers crossed* ;)
NEWSFLASH!  that creativity craving is creeping back into my life.  (say THAT ten times fast... creativity craving is creeping!)  LOL! the urge to get completely lost in bold, fantastic color, make a mess and express myself  from deep within.. yup.  i feel the need for speed... 
will fill you in again soon... wish me luck!!!


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