Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whew! What a weekend! :))

This was taken from the Cottage of the Seasons blog site...

Dec 5th - 6th Atchison's Homes for the Holidays 7th annual tour. We are pleased to announce that we will be decorating and featuring our Christmas merchandise in the home of Cory & Christina Jackson – 520 N. 5th. We are so gracious to them for asking us to do this. For more information contact the Atchison Area Chamber of CommerceP.O. Box 126 • Atchison, KS 660021-800-234-1854 •

A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! :)


Participating in the Atchison Holiday Homes Tour was truly breathtaking... thanks to you both for the exquisite Christmas decor!! Our home looked extra special because of you and your efforts! We sure do appreciate you!

Another EXTREMELY special person that I would like to thank- and I couldn't have done this without, is my mother. Putting up with me was definately a chore and I'm sure, that I made mom just as nervous about the whole thing because of my insanity! I love you so very much!!! You were such a blessing to have around... helping out EVERYWHERE, doing a fantastic job volunteering, (noone knows our home quite like you do!), and just holding me up and supporting me during all those hectic moments, I truly thank you! ALL OF MY LOVE TO YOU, NANI!!!! XOXOXOX Thank you again for all of your time and everything you've done to make last weekend a success!!!

Also, to my family!!!!!! My husband and kids... oh, my poor family! They are very happy to be able to "live" in our home again. I was quite the mess to put up with, eating fast food and bologna for a week before the tour, cleaning like a crazy person and not letting them even use the bathroom downstairs!!! :)))) yikes! Paper plates rule! haha! THANK YOU TO MY FAMILY!!!! You all deserve a medal!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!!! XOXOXOXOX


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